Masters Dissertation Project – 2011

Ruby on Rails, MySQL, jQuery, HTML, CSS
  • Conducted intensive research in the field of online learning.
  • Extrapolated the functional and non-functional requirements from research and usability testing.
  • Implemented core social networking features using Ruby on Rails.
  • Designed feature rich note and notebook creation functionality to allow learners to share their information.
  • Devised software to summarise a learner’s notes and produce detailed analyses using proprietary algorithms created using Ruby.
  • Integrated the system with the Amazon AWS API in order to provide book search functionality.
  • Integrated with several web services such as Delicious and YouTube to provide additional material to learners.
  • Provided options to allow the learner to instantiate new communities of learners.
  • Implemented a powerful privacy control system.
  • Won award for best research dissertation and project.


Degree Dissertation Project – 2009

Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Prototype, Scriptaculous, HTML, CSS, Clickatell
  • Conducted intensive research into the consumer decision process, auctions and Internet technologies.
  • Extrapolated best desired features of an e-commerce website.
  • Employed Rapid Application Development for the software development life-cycle.
  • Developed a user-friendly web interface based on the consumer decision process research explored in the dissertation.
  • Created AJAX enabled live search functionality.
  • Incorporated drag and drop functionality powered by AJAX.
  • Integrated fully the Clickatell SMS gateway into DitBay to create DitBay Mobile.
  • Created several SMS features for users of the application (Sending bids via SMS, Receiving SMS updates etc.).