Free Lance

AngularJS , Apache Cordova, Bootstrap, Corona SDK, CouchDB, CSS3, GitHub, HTML5, Ionic, iOS, JavaScript, Lua, MySQL, NodeJS, PouchDB, React, Ruby on Rails, SASS, Swift

I have worked on several projects and prototypes for third parties using the various technologies above over the last several years.

Sage – Sage Business Cloud Payroll UKI

CSS3, Docker, Git, HTML5, JavaScript, Jest, MySQL, RSpec, ReactJS, Ruby on Rails, SASS, Sahi
  • Member of the Sage Business Cloud Payroll UKI team.
  • Involved in design sessions, implemented new features and fixed bugs.
  • Participated in Sprint retrospectives, Sprint Planning sessions and daily Stand-ups.
  • Implemented new UI using Carbon (An open-source ReactJS UI Component Library developed by Sage).
  • Investigated customer issues, provided fixes and worked with Customer Service to resolve the impacted customer.
  • Created Sahi automation scripts to test application features.
  • Heavily involved with increasing application performance.
  • Optimised database queries and implemented eager/lazy loading where appropriate to reduce response times.
  • Benchmarked the application to prove the optimisations were successful.
  • Monitored New Relic and Sumo Logic to spot live issues, monitor performance and locate problem areas.
  • Worked closely with team members to reduce key person dependencies.
  • Central in upgrading Payroll from Rails 3.2 to 4.2 and mentored team members on necessary changes.
  • Worked with external teams and individuals to resolve issues and implement new features.
  • Managed tasks and progress through JIRA.


Java, JSP, Servlets, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, SQL, Oracle DB
  • Upgraded the leave management system with new and updated features.
  • Incorporated log4j in existing Java classes using a custom developed appender class.
  • Created a web application to allow IT members to view the logs generated by log4j.
  • Developed an algorithm to analyse company director’s searches to provide the user with more accurate results.
  • Upgraded one of the company’s sister sites with a new style and new features.
  • Implemented general bug fixes and tests for the suite of websites under Vision-net.
  • Liaised with senior staff to discuss a complete website redesign incorporating their comments and decisions.
  • Redesigned and updated Vision-Net application including the flagship products, the company and credit report.
  • Ensured all pages were mobile responsive and browser compatible.
  • Managed tasks and progress through Trello.

National College of Ireland

ASP.NET MVC, C#, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Ruby, Ruby on Rails
  • Lectured first and second year students Object Oriented Programming using Java.
  • Lectured Software Development using Java.
  • Prepared extensive lecture materials.
  • Participated in multiple lab sessions.
  • Assisted students in completing lab exercises.
  • Ran a successful series of workshops providing students with extra revision and support.
  • Mentored students in one to one sessions.
  • Reviewed modules for new college courses and offered feedback.

Escher Group

ASP.NET MVC, C#, jQuery, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Temporary development position, worked on a team of two.
  • Developed the first prototype of a new application for the company to allow users pay utility bills online.
  • Complex application that utilized ASP.NET MVC using C# and a layered architecture.
  • Created concept templates and ideas for the product.
  • Researched jQuery techniques and plugins that would best suit the application.
  • Quickly learned how to integrate with existing systems using C#.
  • Refined interface to improve overall usability.

Met Éireann

C, Bash Shell Scripting, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Developed a new system for Met Éireann to analyse weather information and chart climate change.
  • Advanced skills in C programming were required and used.
  • Converted research into C programs to create highly complex algorithms to calculate various climate change indices.
  • Created extensive bash shell scripts to automate operations.
  • Converted data into user understandable graphs.
  • Created a web interface to access data.